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Hats by Iniziobella is a brand focused on fascinator hat – making in Nigeria. The client already had the choices of fuchsia, turquoise and silver as brand colours; thus Stylish, Elegant, Glamorous and Beautiful were the principles to guide our development of the brand’s basic identity.



In designing a logo for a brand that created ‘Hats for Ladies with Hearts’, it was important that our creation be simple and feminine with a touch of subtle strength, something that said beauty and business.

Ribbons are delicate yet strong, and an essential element of hat – making, so we manipulated two strips of ribbon into a simplistic hat outline.

For font choice, we wanted something that would blend the business and artistic nature of the brand seamlessly. Myriad Pro struck the tone we were going for with its sans serif features and smooth edges.


Font: Myriad Pro.
Brand Colour Palette: Fuchsia, Turquoise and Silver.
Brand Element: Two hat ribbon strips.

Samuel Imolorhe
QA Officer
Jonathan Douglas
Creative Director
Samuel Jackson
Query Manager
Query Manager

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