Gidi Squad

Digital Illustration
Eclipse Brand Agency
  • Graphic design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Stage Design
  • Art direction
  • Branding


The Gidi Culture Festival (Gidifest) is an annual festival held in Lagos to celebrate African youth, and provide them with live, affordable entertainment. We were the official graphics designers for the 2014 Gidifest.



Lagos is a city majorly known for its urban, ever – young, trendy vibes and Gidifest’s goal was to attract youth – minded Africans to the buzzing life in Lagos.

We therefore developed graphics that were vibrant and filled with the Gidifest’s core themes: Music, Youth, Live Entertainment and Africa.

We took a while with the stage art as it was our major piece and we wanted to be sure that it hit the right spot with every view, every time, something that could be an identity for music and fun in Lagos. It started with a potbelly and a mic, then our four young Lagosians rapidly materialized in fierce poses, passionately living and loving music.

Camera Operator
Whitefield Brighton
Jack Cheng
Samuel Imolorhe
Makeup Artist
Cecilia Brighton
Facility Manager
Selena Brown
Rotor Engineer
Juan Chou
Creative Director
Kumar Young
Animation Specialist
Oliver White
Query Manager
Marian Chu

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