Geeky Wall Art

Super Geeks
  • Illustration
  • Graphics design
  • Art direction


SuperGeeks is a company that offers state of the art fix-and-repair for gadgets, and tech support to customers within Lagos. Our duty was to create wall art would bring their office space to life and promote their brand as the modern solution to gadget/tech issues in Nigeria.



Creating wall art that would cut across SuperGeek’s target demographics was a very important goal for us in this project.

Our major expression tells a story of how the mind of an average 21st Century guy works, from birth to retirement age. We brought in elements that people of all ages could relate to and find cool, funny, etc. and tied it in with the status of technology in the modern day.

Our second display has an array of smiley faces and icons adapted to the Nigerian scene that depicts various emotions people experience with technology.

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