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Our Story

Our goal is to help you win.
If it can be conceived, we can create it.

At Insecta, we do more than just design. We:

  • connect your values to your customers’ desires.
  • build sustainable design strategies to make your business retain relevance.
  • forge long – term relationships with you based on equity and trust.
  • work with you to make you lead your industry.

Formed as a university campus team in 2008, Team Insecta offered educational assistance to youths interested in exploring careers in graphics design, and between 2008 and 2012, it grew into a colony of creativity within the university.

Relaunched in 2016, Insecta Studios is a design, branding and creative consultancy company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a community of creative mavens who believe in delivering high quality work on time and within budget. We have successfully built a vast business and creative network over the years. Our focus is applying smart solutions to brand problems, proffering sustainable design strategies for businesses, and implementing excellent creative services.

Basically, we love to think, plan, create… and groove!

We value our relationships, so we work to build mutually beneficial partnerships based on goodwill and equity to make brands the timeless identity of their patrons.

  • Design the future:
    This is a guiding principle for all we do. We create to ultimately shape the future of design in the local industry, setting design standards that will steer younger generations towards creating sustainable and utilitarian designs.
  • Be a Fun and Adventurous Family:
    Whether with our clients, partners, or among our very eccentric selves, we enjoy more than just open relationships. We form a family that has great fun challenging fears and breaking norms.
  • Build Solutions:
    Finding problems is great, but proffering solutions is what we constantly pride ourselves in, whether it’s as basic as scratching a mosquito bite, or complex as designing to save a nation.
  • Hold True to our Roots:
    No matter how much we grow, respecting people and culture is paramount to us. Using storytelling as a tool for cultural preservation, we design the future by drawing inspiration from the present and the past.
  • Give Voice to the Industry:
    The local creative industry is still quite young and often taken for granted. Thus we create models that aim at building its contribution to the national GDP and making it more globally recognized.
  • Bughead:
    A minimalist abstraction of the generic insect head exoskeleton, the Bughead was built with eyes animated to inspire focus, antenna thickly curved to feel organic, and stems staggered to deviate from regular symmetry. It says: think dynamically, create passionately.
  • Organic Hexagons:

    In keeping with our core values, we built a brand element that told our story, while being cool, dynamic, futuristic and …insecty.

    We, just like bees, are creators, designers, a network of hard workers and deliver high quality when we work together as a team.

    Thus, inspired by sustainable, post – modern and organic designs, such as the beehive, the vein pattern on insect wings, Lamborghini Aventador, Zvezdochka shoes by Nike, and Zaha Hadid architecture, our Organic Hexagons emerged.

  • Tagline:
    think.create is a play with words that not only shows that our creativity is limitless, but also challenges the reader to be a creative thinker and a doer.

Team Insecta is a family of skilled creatives who are passionate about solving problems through design. Fun – loving, dedicated and eccentric, we have just the right touch to make your business go ‘boom’!

  • Design & Branding:
    We create distinctive and sustainable designs that connect your brand values with your customers’ desires.
  • Creative Consultancy:
    We build your brand image, manage your creative projects and personnel, and create memorable brand experiences for your stakeholders.
  • Creative Shop:
    We curate and market creative works and services of leading artists that position you as a cultural and creatively conscious individual/brand.
  • Research and Analysis:
    We thoroughly research your brand and its target market to decipher your needs and align your image with your customers’ desires.
  • Innovation:
    We challenge stereotypes, questioning what we have learnt until we are sure that our product will stand out in every mind as bold, unique and futuristic.
  • Creative Strategy:
    Armed with research and innovation, we develop a strategy for your company that meets your brand goals exceptionally, working with you till you reach the pinnacle of brand success.
  • Client Sovereignty:
    While managing costs and delivering on time, we dedicatedly refine our work based on your feedback and our expertise until we are both satisfied that the outcome tallies with the brand goals.
  • Presentation & Evaluation:
    Our presentation revolves around three dynamics: persuasion, tangible success and flawless delivery, because at Insecta, we work to make you fall for your own brand. We also monitor your project outcome and your customers’ feedback to drive your continued growth.


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